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About Us

Welcome to Kirriemuir Photography Club

Kirriemuir Photography Club was formed in 2015 and aims to encourage and improve members’ photography through workshops, discussions and practical sessions.  Since then, membership has maintained a healthy membership with a broad range of age, gender and ability.  The club aims to welcome everyone with an interest in this fascinating hobby who would like to improve their skills and enjoy the company of other photographers.

2021 – 2022 Session

The club normally meets every second Wednesday evening from September to April and we hope with the recent relaxation in Covid-19 restrictions to soon be meeting again in the Northmuir Hall where meetings start at 7:30 pm and finish at 9:30 pm.

The 2021 – 2022 season starts from Wednesday 1st September 2021 and the program for the coming year is available on our Calendar Page

Visitors are welcome on any club night when you’ll receive a warm welcome whatever you level of ability.  Everyone at the club is keen to know how to take better photographs and we learn from each other in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, so don’t hesitate to come along and check out what we get up to.

Annual Membership Fees.

The annual membership fee for 2021 – 2022 will be £20.00 per member, payable with application form below.  

Membership fees go towards the cost of the running and ongoing development of the club.  This covers major items such as accommodation costs,  speakers’ and competition judges’ expenses as well as the purchase of selected equipment which club members can share on a sessional basis.

Please complete the following Membership Application for 2021 – 2022 and return as instructed on the form.

Visitors to the club are always welcomed completely free to give you time to decide if you want to come along on a regular basis.


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Latest News

Open Competition – November 2021

The following are the winning entries in our latest competition which was judged by David Watson.  A total of 60 varied and high quality image entries in all three divisions.  Congratulations to the winners.

Division 1

1st Place – Waiting on the Whistle by Alan Edwards, 2nd Place – Scene through a Frosty Window by Iain Galbraith, 3rd Place – Common Wasp by Alan Belton


Division 2

1st Place – Scratch in Time by Bob Smith, 2nd Place – Shipwrecked by Marlyn McInnes, 3rd Equal – Place – Swans in the Mist by Joe Dailly, 3rd Equal – Place – Hanging Around by Bob Smith


Division 3

1st Place – Hold On by Marilyn Binnie, 2nd Place – Rock of Solitude by Elma Sim, 3rd Place – Gone Fishing by Jeremy Morris.

POTY and DOTY – 2021


The Print of the Year (POTY) and the Digital Image of the Year (DOTY) are the culmination of the competition year and were held online. Unlike the normal divisional format, the POTY and DOTY entries are all judged together without divisional grouping and without points being awarded to each separate image. Our guest judge, Dawn White from Tayport, gave us superb feedback and insights in both the prints and projected competitions, and awarded some individual images ‘Commended’ and Highly Commended’ before announcing the three winners in each competition. The winners were as follows:

Print of the Year (POTY)

First Place – ‘Peek a Boo’ – Alan Belton, Second Place – ‘Scottish Deer Pony’ – Marlyn McInnes, Third Place – Finding the Nectar – Alistair Carrie

Digital Image of the Year (DOTY)

First Place – ‘Towards Catlaw’ – Malcom McBeath, Second Place – ‘Little Dunnock’ – John Isaacs, Third Place – ‘Afternoon Light on Crovie’ – Alan Edwards

Themed Competition – February 2021


Our themed competition, ‘Paths, Trails, Roads, Rails’,  again showed us the variety and quality of our club’s photographers. Guest judge Andy Hayes gave us some positive comments and lots of good advice over all three Divisions.  The winners were as follows:

Divison 1

First place – ‘Highland Gateway’ – John Isaacs, Second place – ‘Airlie Trails’ – George Ingram, Third Equal – ‘Crossrails’ – Bill Powrie, Third Equal – ‘The Tay Rail Bridge’ – Ian Cameron.

Division 2

First place – ‘Long and Winding Road’ – Grace Johnston,  Second place – ‘Honister Pass’ – John Paterson,  Third place – ‘Carnoustie Station’ – Irene Robertson.

Division 3

First place – ” – Mike Kiely, Second place – ‘Road Runner and Other Users’ – Mike Kiely, Third place – ‘Infinity and Beyond’ – Murray McKechnie.

Knockout Competition – January 2021

The Knockout Competition this year was held online using Zoom with members electronically raising and lowering their voting hands to decide the winners.  Please note that names are not necessarily as supplied by the authors. Some are given so as to simply identify the image referred to.  Click on any image to enter the gallery.

1st Place – ‘Deer in the Grass’ by Alan Belton, 2nd Place – ‘Bath Time’ by Michael Visocchi, 3rd Place – ‘Rohallion’ by Iain Galbraith, 3rd Place – ‘Brown Hares’ by Malcolm McBeath.

Open Competition – November 2020

The following are the winning entries in our latest competition which was ably and enjoyably judged by David Sadler.  For the first time ever the competition was held online using the now familiar Zoom Meeting format.  A good entry and high standards from all three divisions.

Division 1

1st Place – Glen Esk Blizzard by Alan Belton, 2nd Place – Pecking Order by Bill Powrie, 3rd Place – The Rocks and the Water by Alistair Carrie.

Division 2

1st Place – Wish by Claire Higgins, 2nd Place – Smoking Waters by Wolf Rossman, 3rd Place – Nigella’s Soaked by Neil Houstoun.

Division 3

1st Place – Fun With Bubbles by Mike Kiely, 2nd Place – Dry Dock by Mike Kiely, 3rd Place – Ripples by Jeremy Morris.

President’s Award 2020


This year’s President’s  Award was given jointly to Bob Smith and Bill Powrie for their outstanding contributions to the club,  both in the creation of the Wildlife Focus Group, the design and building of the exclusive Wildlife Hide at Kinnordy and providing a series of Training Workshops delivered in a small group setting for those looking to improve their knowledge of photography beyond regular club meetings.  Congratulations to Bob and Bill for achieving this well earned recognition by Club President Alistair Carrie.

President's Award 2020

A huge congratulations to this year’s winners of both the Print of the Year and the Digital Image of the Year annual competitions which were judged for us by David Hay whilst we were all ‘Social Distancing’ due to the suspension of club meetings during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Digital Print of the Year – 2020


1st place – Sentinel of the Loch by Alan Belton, 2nd place – Dune by John Isaacs, 3rd place – In the Shadows of Blaven by Alan Belton

Digital Projected Image of the Year – 2020

1st place – Brooklyn Bridge by Bill Powrie,  2nd place – Callanish Stones by Iain Galbraith,  3rd place – Evening Enlightenment by John Isaacs


Theme Competition ‘The Games People Play’ – February 2020

The following are the winning entries in our Theme Competition entitled ‘The Games People Play’. Our guest judge was Ian McCurrach whose input and critique was very helpful to all those who entered.

Division One

1st – Alan Edwards – Getting to Grips with the Opposition,  2nd – Malcolm McBeath – Tight Turn – Too Tight,  3rd – Derek Ramsay – Pace Bowling,  4th – Michael Visocchi – I’m REEL Happy.

Division Two

1st – Claire Higgins – Aeroplanes’  2nd – Bob Smith – It’s Mine!,  3rd= – Ian Cameron – The Heavyweight,  3rd= – Neil Houston – Clearing the Fence,  4th= –Grace Johnston – Conkers,  4th= Heather Ray – Cross Country,  4th= Bob Smith – We’re off!

Division Three

1st – Marlyn McInnes – Oops a Daisies,  2nd – Sally Lealand – Fetch,  3rd – Fiona Brown – Holiday Board Games

Knockout Competition Winners – January 2020 

Congratulations to the winners of the annual Knockout Competition held on Wednesday 8 January 2020. There were 128 varied, interesting and sometimes funny images.

1st place – Squirrel – Bill Powrie,  2nd place – Meconopsis – Kevin Urquart,  3rd place – Girl in Red – Michael Visocchi,  4th place – Snowy Kirriemuir – Michael Visocchi.

“Architecture” Competition Winners – October 2019 

Congratulations to all the winners of our first competition in 2019/20.  The theme was “Architecture” and for the first time all three divisions were judged on the same night, this time by Gillian Temple CPAG.

Division 1

1st: ‘Lyons Gate ‘.  John Isaacs,  2nd:  ‘Holding Up Holyrood’.  Alistair Carrie,  3rd:  ‘The Heavy Weight’. John Isaacs.

Division 2

1st: ‘Red Roller Coaster’.  Ian Cameron,  2nd:  ‘Across the Tay’.  Neil Houston,  3rd:  ‘Marble Halls’. Will Martin

Division 3

1st: ‘Celtic Cross Iona’.  Jeremy Morris,  2nd:  ‘York Abbey Tops’.  Marlyn McInnes,  3rd:  ‘Yorkshire Landscape Through Time’. Marlyn McInnes

Kirriemuir Show Winner 2019

For the second successive year KPC Member Claire Higgins won the top prize for gaining the highest aggregate points awarded for her entries shown below.  With 3 Firsts and a Second in different categories, she scooped the top prize of The Wilson Shield in this year’s Kirriemuir Agricultural Show.  Many congratulations Claire !

Church Calendar Competition 2020

The Glens & Kirriemuir United Parish Church Calendar for 2020 has just been announced and once again club members figure large in the images to be published.  Congratulations to Brian Forsyth (January & August), Malcolm Mc Beath (February), John Isaacs (March & June) and Claire Higgins (April) giving us 6 months of full spread pictures.
The calendar also features smaller supporting images by: John Isaacs, Brian Forsyth, Malcolm McBeath (2), Claire Higgins and John Paterson.
Brian also won 2nd place overall in the competition.

Annual Dinner and Awards

Following another relaxed annual dinner at Kirriemuir Golf Club, President Alistair Carrie announced and presented the club’s annual awards for 2019.  Afterwards, Brian thanked Alistair for his hard work and leadership in his first year as President and presented him with an engraved Acme Thunderer whistle as an upgrade to his green plastic one !

The Award Winners were as follows:

President’s Award: Brian Forsyth,  Division 1: Alan Belton,  Division 2: Derek Ramsay,  Division 3: Irene Robertson, Knockout Competition: Malcolm McBeath,  Print of the Year: Alan Belton,  Digital Image of the Year: Iain Galbraith.

Two new competitions were held on 03 April 2019 for the first time.  Both competitions were open to all club members as a whole without any divisional distinction.  Our guest judge was Steve Whittaker,  who very ably gave his critique on 22 Prints and 33 DPIs.  Congratulations to the inaugural winners below:

Digital Print Of the Year 2019


1st – The Manager – Alan Belton,  2nd – Comox Harbour Reflections – Malcolm McBeath,  3rd – Yellowhammer on Gorse – Alan Belton

Digital Projected Image of the Year 2019


1st – Rattray Head at Sunset – Iain Galbraith,  2nd – The Rat Catcher and Pets – Alan Belton,  3rd – A Quiet Moment – Alastair Carrie

Summer Challenges and Outings 2019

Don’t forget to have a go at the Summer Assignments and submit your best images by email to Alan Edwards before the restart in September.

There are four categories to challenge you . . . .

  • Highland Games / Agricultural Shows   Capture the action, people and excitement.
  • Rivers and Bridges                                   Different angles, long exposures, night time.
  • Boats, Planes and Trains                         On their own, all together if you can!
  • Yellow                                                        Use your imagination for this one . . .

Two outings are being planned for May to Kinclaven Woods and in August to Pittenweem. 

You can print a your own reminder sheet for all of the above  by clicking here.

Open Competition Winners – Division 3

Division 3 entries to the February Open Competition were judged internally on 06 March 2019 by Brian Forsyth who congratulated all those who had entered.

Division 3 Winners

1st:  ‘Tortured Soul in the Howff”.  Bob Smith,  2nd:  ‘The Only Way is Down‘.  Bob Smith,  3rd:  ‘Madeiran Home’.  Helen Humphreys

In addition to the above ‘Here’s Looking at You was Highly Commended and All is Calm and In Oban were Commended.  A good competition with some super images demonstrating how our Division 3 photographers are growing their craft !

Open Competition Winners – February 2019

Another successful competition night was ably judged by Roy Robertson of Dundee. Divisions 1 and 2 both displayed a high standard of entries with an open theme and members were treated a huge variety of images.

Open Competition Winners:

Division 1 Winners

1st:  ‘Yellowhammer on Gorse’.  Alan Belton,  2nd:  ‘Vestrahorn’.  Alan Edwards,  3rd:  ‘Taking the Plunge’.  Brian Forsyth

Division 2 Winners

1st: ‘Get out of that’ Derek Ramsay, 2nd equal: ‘Pointe de la Chiesa’ Bill Powrie, 2nd equal: ‘Flares Demo’ Derek Ramsay

Knockout Competition Winners – January 2019

Our first competition of the New Year was our popular Knockout Competition with 128 images going head to head with members voting for their favourites.

Knockout Competition Winners:

1st:  ‘No, I’m the Boss’.  Malcolm McBeath,  2nd:  ‘Bobtail’.  Ian Cameron,  3rd:  ‘Coming in to Land’.  Ian Cameron


Competition Winners ‘When the Sun Shines’ – October 2018

Our first competition of the new season brought a host of superb images.  Judging Divisions 1 and 2, Andy Hayes commented on the high standard of entries and complimented the club on a warm Kirriemuir welcome, wonderful hospitality and excellent organisation. We were delighted to support his chosen charity ‘Lisa’s School’.      Division 3 entries were shown and appraised by club member Malcolm McBeath. The winning entries from all divisions are shown below.

Division 3 Winners:

1st:  Sunset over Sanna Bay,  Jeremy Morris,  2nd:  I am Sailing, Elma Sim,  3rd:  Splashing About,  Emmi Loftus

Congratulations to the winners of both Division 1 and 2 who were as follows:

Divison 1 Winners: 

1st: Underneath the Arches, Michael Visocchi, 2nd: Comox Harbour Reflections, Malcolm McBeath, 3rd equal:  The Cyclist and the Dog Walker, Alistair Carrie, 3rd equal:  North Carr Lightship, Michael Visocchi

Divison 2 Winners: 1st: Sunshine and Showers, Kevin Urquhart, 2nd equal: The Shadows are Long, Bill Powrie, 2nd equal: The Shadows are Strong!, Bill Powrie, 3rd: A Narrow Escape, Derek Ramsay

Kirriemuir Show Winners 2018

Two of our club members enjoyed considerable success at this year’s Kirriemuir ShowClaire Higgins won the top prize Photography Shield for gaining the highest aggregate points awarded for her entries shown below.  Heather Ray came close with her entries also catching the judge’s eye on the day.  A huge congratulations to both for your well deserved success !

Annual Dinner and Awards – 21 March 2018

Once again this year we enjoyed an excellent dinner at Kirriemuir Golf Club and this year incorporated our annual awards to finish off a splendid evening which was well attended by members.  The new perpetual awards being introduced this year and their winners were:

The Fin Mackenzie Trophy . . . for highest cumulative points awarded in Division 1 . . . Alan Edwards

The Clova Cup . . . for highest cumulative points awarded in Division 2 . . . Will Martin

The Prosen Cup . . . for highest cumulative points awarded in Division 3 . . . Bill Atkinson

The President’s Award . . . for outstanding service to the club during the year . . . John Isaacs

The assembled company, the awards and the award winners are pictured below:


Open Competition Results – 7 March 2018

Division 3 of our Open Competition was judged by Alan Belton who gave feedback on all of the twelve images entered.  The winning images and their authors are shown below.  Congratulations to everyone who entered in what was hopefully a positive experience.

Divison 3 Winners:

1st:  ‘Left in the Dark’  by Bill Atkinson,  Joint 2nd:  ‘Vicugna on Hill’ by Emmi Loftus,  Joint 2nd: ‘ Mountain Beauty’ by Helen Humphreys,  3rd:  ‘Tear Drops’  by Bill Atkinson.


Open Competition Results – 21 February 2018

Our final competition for this year for Divisions 1 and 2 was an Open Competition judged by Nocola Shepherd of  the PAGB and St Andrews Photographic Society.  A super selection of images were entered and the winners are shown below.  Congratulations to them and to all members who entered what was a very high standard.

Divison 1 Winners:

1st: ‘A Mighty Reflection’ by Alan Edwards, 2nd: ‘Blue Oban Morning’ by Alistair Carrie, 3rd: ‘Watching his Hinds’ by Malcolm McBeath, 3rd: ‘Young King’ by John Isaacs.

Division 2 Winners:

1st: ‘Rhea’ by Gabrielle Freed, 2nd: ‘I’ve got my Eye on You’ by John Paterson, 2nd: ‘Uig Bay” by Ian Cameron, 3rd: Looking Good in Mono’ by Bill George


Feel Good Festival – 17 February 2018

This year we doubled our frontage at the annual Feel Good Festival and created a terrific platform for the club to show our work and chat to interested members of the public.  The stand offered mounted prints for sale as well as the option to order a copy of any of the superb prints on display.  The raffle was in demand with two framed prints and two mounted prints drawing a lot of interest and raising £150 for club funds.  As well as the variety of prints mounted on the display boards, a scrolling slideshow of members’ images also attracted interest and discussion with folk who expressed an interest in photography.

Congratulations to our Raffle Winners:

1st Prize: Norma Fairford,  2nd Prize: Kirsty Stewart,  3rd Prize: George Barr,  4th Prize: Elma Sim.


Knockout Competition – 10 January 2018

First meeting of the new year was our popular Knockout Competition with over 128 fantastic images on display.  Congratulations to Alan Belton and Malcolm McBeath who cornered the first three places.


Photography Auction and Sale – December 2017

Thanks to the generosity of members who donated cameras, lenses, tripods and all manner of photography accessories, we held an extremely successful auction and sale night at our final meeting before the Christmas break.  A total of £809 was raised for the club.  Members dug deep in support of this event which allowed us to complete the purchase of a new Sony Projector for the club without drawing on club reserves.  A huge thank you to everyone for the magnificent support shown throughout in reaching this important goal for 2017.


Open Competition – November 2017 – Division 3

Congratulations to the winners of our first ever Division 3 competition.

1st. Sandy Glen for ‘Lake Garda 2’
2nd. Irene Robertson for ‘ Bavarian Alps’
3rd. Ian Jack for ‘ All Mine’

The competition was judged by Michael Visocchi whose comments and encouragement were greatly appreciated by everyone present, especially the new entrants.

Division 3


‘At Work’ Competition – November 2017

Congratulations to the winners of our first themed competition for this session: ‘At Work’

In Division 1 : 1st – Alan Edwards,  2nd – Alan Belton,  3rd – George Ingram.

In Division 2 : 1st – Iain Galbraith,  2nd – Lorna McWilliam,  3rd – Bill Allan.

The competition was judged by Ian McCurrach from Aberdeen

Division 1

Division 2


Club Membership Reaches 50 Mark

At our regular club meeting on 18 October 2017, we were delighted to be joined by our  50th member  for this year.  This marks a notable milestone in the rapid development of the club and is a great encouragement to what is still a relatively new group of photographers who are keen to develop their skills and share these with each other.


Club Stages Local Weekend Exhibition of Prints

A selection of member prints was put on display for three days courtesy of The COOP Superstore who gave us a free hand in their foyer space to stage this mini exhibition.  A small team pulled the project together with a view to raising community awareness that the club’s new session was soon to start and lots of shoppers took time to stop and chat while admiring the wide range of images.   Thanks to all our members who loaned prints and gave time to attend and talk to the public.  Information leaflets about when and where we meet were handed out and a number of people expressed interest in visiting the club on 6 September when we restart.

Malcolm McBeath and Alan Edwards very kindly donated framed and mounted images as prizes for an informal raffle which was drawn by Team Leader Vicky from the COOP.  1st Prize was won by Mr D. Fonteyn of Westmuir and 2nd Prize by Mrs J. Guthrie of Northmuir.

A total of £380 was raised for club funds and this will be put towards the purchase of a new high definition image projector.

COOP Raffle 2017


Member Successes at Agricultural Shows

Three of our members have enjoyed competition success at their local agricultural shows this summer:

Iain Galbraith had a good day at the Alyth Show on 16 June when he won two Firsts and two Second Equals, making him the overall points winner in the Photography section of the show. Another shield for your collection Iain.

Bill George also did well at the Alyth Show. A First Place in the fruit section and a Second Place behind Iain in the single flower section.  Out of 6 sections, KPC members were placed First and Second in 3 sections !

Heather Ray entered some of her images at the Kirriemuir Show on 15 July and came away winning the shield for the most points in the photography classes comprising two Firsts, a Second and a Third – impressive work Heather..

Many congratulations to all three of you !


Calendar Competition Success for KPC

Congratulations to members of KPC who were successful in having their images chosen by the public to be printed in the Glens and Kirriemuir Old Parish Church Calendar for 2018.     The overall winner of the competition was:
Ian Cameron whose winning image will appear on the cover.
John Isaacs won joint 2nd in the competition.
John Isaacs again with another 2 of his entries. ( 3 months in all ! )
Grace Johnston also gets a full page to herself and . .
Bill Martin succeeds in being published yet again.
Other supporting thumbnail images will also feature by Alan Edwards, Heather Ray, Alistair Carrie, Watson Lawrence (2) and Malcolm McBeath
More than half of the photographers who submitted images to this competition are already members of KPC and the church has been very appreciative of the support which our members gave this year, with a record number of 114 entries in all.

Summer Assignments for 2017

There are 4 assignments to challenge us during the recess.  Why not have a go at one or all of them and email your best 3 images from each challenge to Alan Edwards before the end of August latest?  Alan will collate these and results will be displayed during our regular meetings starting in September.

‘Abandoned’  –  Depict a scene,  a building,  a vehicle etc. which has seen better days.

‘Patterns in Nature’  –  Using close up or wide angle to show nature’s many and diverse patterns.

‘Reflections’  –  In glass,  on water,  in a mirror – the choice is yours.

‘Motion Blur’  –  Use a slow shutter speed or try panning to show movement.


Annual Awards 2017

At the AGM on 22 March 2017, two inaugural awards were presented to recognise the work and contribution of members who have excelled in what they do.

Photographer of the Year  –  George Ingram

President’s Award  –  Alan Edwards

Many congratulations to George and Alan.  We plan to extend the awards system in the coming year.


‘A Book Title’ Competition – February 2017

Congratulations to the winners of our  creative themed competition ‘A Book Title’   In Division 1 : 1st – George Ingram,  2nd – Ian Cobb,  3rd – Malcolm McBeath.   In Division 2: 1st – Brian Forsyth,  2nd – Neil Jackson,  3rd – Grace Johnston.

The competition was judged by Al Buntin ARPS MPAGB

Division 1

Division 2


Knockout Competition – January 2017

Another great night at the club with palpable tension near the end as we whittled over 100 super images down to the final three in our first ever Knockout Competition. Thanks to Ian Christie, John Isaacs, Jim Miller and Ian Cobb for helping it all to run smoothly and congratulations to the winners : 1st – Alistair MacDougall Carrie, 2nd – John Isaacs and 3rd – John Isaacs and his dog Murphy.  Click on the thumbnails to view images full size.


Themed Competition – November 2016

On Wednesday the 2nd November the club held its first internal competition, based on the theme of ‘Water’. Entries were split into two divisions and the winning entries are shown below.

Our judge for the evening was Stan Farrow FRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP.

Division 1

Division 2



This page outlines competition procedures and guidelines as well as information concerning submission of images to the Competition Secretary.  This information is referred to on the final pages of the club’s printed annual Syllabus which is issued to all members upon payment of annual club fees. As competition rules may change from time to time, those listed below should be taken as current when entering club competitions.

General Information

Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer.  Image manipulation is permitted and images submitted for competitions must have been taken within 2 years of the competition date.

Competition Divisions: Club Competitions are divided into three general divisions depending on the experience of the member.  New members are permitted to enter initially for the division they consider most suited to them, however they may be requested to submit at a different level for later entries.

  • Division 1:   This division is intended to include members with some years of photographic knowledge and experience.
  • Division 2:   Division 2 is for those who recognise that, whilst they do have some photographic experience, they do not yet consider themselves at Division 1 level of knowledge and ability.
  • Division 3:   Division 3 will be reintroduced this year for those who feel that they are not yet at Division 2 level. Division 3 competitions will be held separately as part of regular meetings to allow members to gain competition experience and will be judged by a division 1 member of our own club.

Division1 entries will be judged on the basis of mounted prints (see details below), each of which should be accompanied by an associated digital image file in JPEG format for projection on competition nights.

Division 2 and Division 3 entries should ONLY be submitted as digital image files for projection, and mounted prints are not required.

Knockout Competitions

Members are invited to submit either two or four images as jpeg digital image files on any subject of their choice. This is necessary as images are judged in pairs by members present on the night, with the more popular image going through to the next round.

Themed Competitions

Members are invited to submit two images, in the division formats specified above. Themes and dates for these competitions are contained in the Syllabus section of the website and in the printed Syllabus booklet.  Members should take careful note of the submission dates for entries which are always some weeks in advance of the competition dates.  Themed competitions will be judged separately for each Division.

Print of the Year and DPI of the Year Competitions

Both the Print of the Year and the DPI of the Year (Digital Projected Image) are open competitions (no theme) and are open to all members. There will be no distinction between Divisions, i.e. all photographs will be judged together, with one print and one digital image chosen as the winners.

  • Each member may enter up to 2 images in each of these competitions.
  • Images entered must be entirely the work of the member and must be taken within 1 year of the competition date.
  • There is no restriction on images which have been entered in previous club competitions. If you have entered an image in any competition in the last year you may enter it again, either in its original form or modified in line with the judge’s advice or comments.
  • Both prints and digital images should be submitted as per KPC standard competition rules.

Mounted Prints

In the case of Division 1 entries and Print of the Year,  printed images should be fixed to a mount and held firmly in place with mounting tape.  Mounts should be no larger than 500mm x 400mm and prints must be no smaller than A5.

Each print should have an appropriate title on the back of the mount at the TOP LEFT CORNER.  In order that the mount can be reused, titles should be written in pencil.  There should be no other markings on the mount.  The competitor’s name or club membership number should NOT be written on the mount.

Mounted Prints should be submitted to the Competition Secretary by the requested date along with:

  1. A Competition Entry Form with the competitor’s name and title of the image.     and . . .
  2. An associated Digital Image File (see below), sent by email to the Competition Secretary.  Every email will be acknowledged. If this is not received within 48 hours, it is the entrant’s responsibility to double check their entry has been safely received.

Note :  The club will make every effort to look after mounted prints submitted to competitions and has purchased special equipment for the safe storage and transport of members’ entries to Division 1.  Regretably however the club cannot ultimately be held responsible for any damage or loss may may occur.

Digital Images for Projection

All Digital Image Files, for all divisions, should be submitted to the Competition Secretary as JPEG email attachments of image size no larger than 10Mb per image, together with details of the competitor’s name and the title of the image.   Images should be no more than 1600 pixels horizontally or 1200 pixels vertically.  This is the maximum size set by the SPF and has now been adopted by the club. To comply with this standard,  your entry should be resized if necessary, so that it fits within a rectangle of 1600 pixels by 1200 Pixels.

Every email will be acknowledged by return. If this is not received within 48 hours, it is the entrant’s responsibility to double check their images have been safely received.

As stated above, Mounted Prints should be accompanied by a completed Competition Entry Form:

Click Here to open the Competition Entry Form

For general guidance on how to submit your competition entries, we now have a PDF document to read in conjunction with the procedures laid out above.

Click Here to Open the Competition Submission Information Leaflet

If you do not have familiar software with which to resize your images, the link below will open a PDF document on the use of Microsoft Paint which has a basic resize option.

Click Here to open ‘Using Windows ‘Paint’ to Resize an Image’


WFG Hide Booking Calendar

The WFG Hide is now available for bookings from 6 AM in consecutive two hourly slots up until 10 PM.

Please use the Virkon S anti-viral spray provided when arriving and leaving. Anti-viral disinfectant wipes are also provided to use on your equipment if you wish and also the door handles and lock.

If you are intending to take a visitor we now need their details, Name, address, email & phone number to comply with NHS Scotland ‘Track& Trace’. Please add these to the ‘Details’ box on the booking form. If there is not enough room please email with the information and the date & time of the booking.

Click here to go to the Calendar Bookings Form





This page contains links to a number of resources which members may find useful . . . .

Syllabus Download for 2021 – 2022.


The full syllabus for 2021 – 2022  with some additional summary information is now available . . . . View Here . . . . should you wish to print it out. 

Current and Upcoming Entries are repeated chronologically for easy online reference within the Calendar page accessed via the main menu.

Recent Zoom Recordings.


Thanks to a great response from members, our regular meetings held Online via Zoom have been well supported both in attendance and in member contributions.  A number of recent member presentations have been recorded and are held available on request from Alistair Carrie.

14th October 2021

  • Bob Smith – WFG Update
  • Slideshow of photos from club outings
  • Brian Forsyth – Night Sky Photography
  • Alistair Carrie – Sensor Cleaning

28th October 2021

  • Mini-Portfolios: Ian Cobb, Neil Jackson, Bob Smith, Malcolm McBeath (1 recording)
  • Photographers Question Time

11th November 2021

Competition Night 3 recordings:

  • Div 1 results
  • Div 2 results
  • Div 3 results

25th November 2021

Step-by-Step Editing workshop – 4 recordings:

  • Bill Powrie
  • Mike Visocchi Part 1
  • Mike Visocchi Part 2
  • Jeremy Morris

Club Lighting Equipment now available for hire.


The club has recently invested in buying some studio lighting and bought a kit which comprises 2 soft box lights with stands, 2 umbrella lights with stands and a backdrop stand with 3 backdrops – white, black, and green. The kit is available for hire to members for a fee of £5 per use. If you would like to use it for a personal project or to try to improve your studio portrait skills please contact the Club Secretary Alan Edwards via the Contacts Section for details. The kit is fully portable, each item has its own marked box and there’s a couple of sturdy, fitted carry bags for the equipment.   Photos of the kit set up is shown below. (Barstool not included!)

WFG Hide Booking Calendar

The booking calendar now has its own menu item ‘WFG’ to take you directly there.

Committee Meeting Dates

All committee meetings are held in Northmuir Hall Meeting Room starting at 7.30 pm and are held monthly on non club nights.

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If you have general enquiries concerning Kirriemuir Photography Club, please contact the Club Secretary below.

Committee Members 2021 – 2022

President width=



Alistair Carrie

Secretary width=



Alan Edwards

Treasurer width=



Neil Houstoun

Competition Secretary width=

Competition Secretary


Brian Forsyth

Exhibitions width=



Michael Visocchi

Media Co-ordinator width=

Media Co-ordinator


Malcolm McBeath

Hospitality width=



Heather Ray

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Neil Jackson

Committee width=



Derek Ramsay

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Bob Smith


Club Meetings Venue


Northmuir Hall
Shielhill Road

Directions to Northmuir Hall

An interactive map is also available by clicking the ‘MAP’ link on the main menu.


Meetings 7.30pm every 2nd Wednesday
Northmuir Hall,
Sheilhill Road,